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Dear Readers:

As the Journal of Business Strategies enters its 40th year of publication, we are proud to look back at our rich history, and excited to look forward into the future.

I would like to share some highlights from the last year:

2022 was our first full year operating on the new Open Journal Systems platform, using the new URL, as well as our first year operating as an open access journal. The move towards an open access online publication has started to pay large dividends already. Between January 2022 and December 2022, our total monthly readership (i.e. downloads of full text articles) has
increased five-fold! We expect that the increase in visibility will continue to attract high quality research to be published in the Journal. The increase in readership was accompanied by an increase in manuscript submissions as well. As we continued to improve the quality and efficiency of our doubleblind peer review process, we can summarize our 2022 activity as follows:

Days to First Editorial Decision: 13
Average Days to Accept: 102
Desk Reject Rate: 47%
After Review Reject Rate: 41%
Acceptance Rate: 12%

In order to continue the upward trajectory of the Journal, we are implementing several major changes, starting in 2023 with Volume 40:
First, the Journal’s appearance has received a major face-lift. We have updated the layout of published articles, as well as adopted a new logo that now appears in the top right corner of every title page. The new layout design of the published articles is a modern and professional approach that signals the quality of our publication in an online environment.

Second, –and most significantly– we are moving to a “publish-as-you-go” scheme. This means that we no longer wait to accumulate several articles into an issue before publication. Rather, articles are continuously added to current issues as they are accepted and complete the production process. As an online publication, we are free of the constraints imposed by print publishing, and publishing articles on-the-go will reduce publication lag for our authors, and make the newest research available to our readers more quickly.

We are looking forward to an exciting future for the Journal of Business Strategies. I encourage you to submit your work to us at, and hope that you will encourage your colleagues to do the same.

Best wishes,
Christian Raschke, Editor

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