The Journal of Business Strategies: The First Twenty-Five Years


Twenty-Five Years
Journal of Business Strategies
Publishing Pattern

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Mehta, S., & Bumpass, D. (2008). The Journal of Business Strategies: The First Twenty-Five Years. Journal of Business Strategies, 25(2), 9–26.


The historical publishing pattern of the Journal of Business Strategies (JBS) is
examined. Authors from 171 institutions have written over 262 articles from spring
1984 to fall 2008. Contributions to the journal were studied in terms of numbers of
schools represented, number of authors per article, diversity of articles, breakdown
of gender of authors, types of citations, and empirical orientation of the articles.
Findings indicate that publications in JBS represent a significant scholarly contribution
to the field of business strategy. Few differences were detected between JBS and
other selected journals. Recommendations to enhance JBS are based on quantitative
and qualitative analysis.

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