An Exploratory Study of Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures Consumers


Consumer Behavior
Cosmetic Procedures

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Reisenwitz, T., & Fowler, J. (2018). An Exploratory Study of Nonsurgical Cosmetic Procedures Consumers. Journal of Business Strategies, 35(2), 76–96.


This exploratory study investigated the amount of information used by
consumers when engaging in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Moreover, the
primary purpose of the research is to investigate the linkage between non-surgical
cosmetic procedures and the constructs associated with the “self,” such as attitude
toward social media advertising, attitude toward traditional (mass media) advertising,
cognitive age, risk aversion, satisfaction, and self-image or self-concept. T-tests of
the data yielded significant results for most of the variables. This research will
hopefully aid marketers to better focus on important areas of information use by
non-surgical cosmetic procedures consumers. These results are discussed, along
with managerial implications, limitations and directions for future research.

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