U.S. Executives' Perceptions of "BEMs" As F.D.I. Options


Special Issue
Perceptual Mapping

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Festervand, T. (2003). U.S. Executives’ Perceptions of "BEMs" As F.D.I. Options. Journal of Business Strategies, 20(1), 45–58. https://doi.org/10.54155/jbs.20.1.45-58


In this study, perceptual mapping was used to identify the collective and
individual positions of ten big emerging markets or "BEMs" as they are more
commonly called. The perceived position of the "ideal" market or nation also
was captured by the study's findings. FDI executives who were surveyed indicated
that some "BEMs" have positioned themselves strategically in terms of
their availability of and access to markets and resources. The stability of a
market's or nation's political and economic environments, as well as business
environment, also contributes to a nation's perceived position. Some "BEMs"
appear better positioned to take advantage of their strengths, whereas others
face long-term FDI obstacles.


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