Perspectives of Foreign Direct Investment In The New Millennium


Special Issue

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Maniam, B., & Hadley Leavell, W. (2003). Perspectives of Foreign Direct Investment In The New Millennium. Journal of Business Strategies, 20(1), 1–6.


FDI continues to play a crucial role around the world and its importance to the
global economy cannot be understated. Researchers from different disciplines
are pursuing their work in FDI to better understand, explain and report the most
recent findings. Hence, with that in mind, we, the guest editors, put a Call for
Papers in the early part of Fall 2002 for a special issue of the Journal of Business
Strategies on Foreign Direct Investments with a submission deadline of November
15, 2002. We present in this issue four articles that were accepted from that
Call. These papers reflect the diverse work done in area of foreign direct investment.

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