Corporate Social Responsibility In Italy: State of The Art



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Corporate Social Responsibility In Italy: State of The Art. (2006). Journal of Business Strategies, 23(1), 65-91.


The Italian Corporate Panorama is permeated by various corporate social
responsibilities initiatives, both at private and public level, that derive from different
approaches and tools. The general framework for corporate social responsibility
(CSR) behavior and strategies consists of the Green Paper presented by
the European Commission in July 2001. Within this framework, the paper aims at
analyzing three main issues: spontaneous experiences from companies and other
players; the innovative project called Corporate Social Responsibility - Social
Commitment, developed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, which aims
at promoting the involvement of Italian enterprises in CSR activities, with particular
regard to Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; and lastly the main and most
interesting outcomes of a survey that is the starting point of an ongoing process of
investigation regarding CSR attitudes in Italy.


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