Corporate Governance and The Abnormal Returns To Acquisition Announcements


Corporate Governance
Firm Size

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Swanstrom, M. (2006). Corporate Governance and The Abnormal Returns To Acquisition Announcements. Journal of Business Strategies, 23(2), 115–130.


This paper investigates the relationship between a firm's corporate governance
structure and the abnormal returns associated with acquisition announcements.
Based on a sample of 294 acquisitions occurring from 1994 through 1998, it is
found that acquiring firms have significant two-day abnormal returns of-2.71%.
A multiple regression model that includes corporate governance variables has an
Adjusted R-squared of 14.2% with board size, the sensitivity of the CEO's wealth
to changes in share price, method ofpayment, and acquiring firm size all being
significant explanatory variables.

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