Porter's Generic Strategies: An Exploratory Study of Their Use In Japan


Strategic Management
Cost Leadership
Supply Chain Focus
Training Based Strategy

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Allen, R., Helms, M., Takeda, M., & White, C. (2007). Porter’s Generic Strategies: An Exploratory Study of Their Use In Japan. Journal of Business Strategies, 24(1), 69–90. https://doi.org/10.54155/jbs.24.1.69-90


While the use of Porter's generic strategies have been well documented in
America and Europe, no studies have assessed their use in Japan. This research
investigates if Japanese companies are indeed following Porter's generic
strategies or continuing to follow more traditional "Japanese" management
strategies. Using a survey to operationalize Porter's generic strategies, Japanese
managers were questioned about their firm's current strategic practices. A
factor analysis revealed Japanese firms are following only two strategies that
could be identified as those of Porter. A cost leadership strategy was the most
frequently used strategy, and the differentiation strategy was used the least.
There was no evidence of organizations using a focus strategy. Interestingly,
two additional strategies emerged that did not fit Porter's research but are in
line with traditional Japanese strategies including a supply chain focus and a
training based strategy.


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